Central Texas Attorneys For Federal Criminal Defense

Your choice of defense counsel is extremely important in any criminal case. If your case will be heard in the U.S. District Court for the Western District of Texas, Waco Division, however, it is essential to work with attorneys who know and understand the unique nuances and demands of this arena. Federal courts have different rules of procedure than state courts, and strict, complex sentencing guidelines and practices often make the consequences of conviction extremely severe.

Turn To A Trial-Proven Legal Team For Defense In U.S. District Court

At Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC, in Waco, Texas, our litigation team consists of two accomplished trial lawyers with significant criminal defense experience in federal court. Our knowledge of the system, officials involved and other critical factors equips us extremely well to provide focused, effective defense against felony charges filed in the Western District of Texas, Waco Division, such as:

  • Possession with intent to deliver, conspiracy, delivery, aiding and abetting, and other federal drug charges involving marijuana, synthetic marijuana (also known as K2 or "spice"), cocaine, methamphetamine or any other controlled substance
  • Federal gun and other weapons charges, including unlawful possession of any firearm, possession of illegal weapons, trafficking in firearms and commission of violent crimes
  • White collar crimes such as various forms of fraud, identity theft, money laundering and other crimes involving use of the Internet
  • Kidnapping, human trafficking and a range of other felony charges that can bring penalties up to and including life in federal prison
  • Federal assault, aggravated assault, murder and capital murder

Attorneys Russell D. Hunt Sr. and Michelle Simpson Tuegel bring together decades of relevant experience and genuine passion for representing the citizen accused. We perform the comprehensive investigation and case analysis that federal felony criminal defense in Texas demands, including rigorous inquiry into whether our client's constitutional rights were violated or there are other significant problems with the prosecution's case.

An Overview Of Federal Sentencing Guidelines

In federal court, if you are either convicted by a jury or you make the decision to plead guilty, you will be sentenced by a federal judge. In federal court, the plea bargaining process is very different due to the Federal Sentencing Guidelines.

These sentencing guidelines take into account both the seriousness of the offense and the offender's criminal history. Each type of federal crime is assigned a base offense level, which is the starting point for determining the seriousness of an offense. More serious types of offenses have higher base offense levels. In addition to base offense levels, each federal offense also carries with it a number of potential "specific offense characteristics." These are factors that vary from case to case, but that can increase or decrease the base offense level and can impact the sentence the person receives.

Adjustments can also apply in federal sentencing. Like specific offense characteristics, an adjustment can decrease or increase the offense level. Examples of adjustments may include victim-related adjustments, the offender's role in the offense adjustments, obstruction of justice and acceptance of responsibility adjustments. The final offense level in a federal criminal case is determined by taking the base offense level and then adding or subtracting from it any specific offense characteristics or adjustments that might apply. The point at which the final offense level and the criminal history category intersect in the Federal Sentencing Table determines the sentencing guideline range (term of months).

The United States Sentencing Guidelines are now "advisory" and not mandatory for federal judges. If an atypical or mitigating circumstance exists, the court may depart from the suggested range. That means the Judge has the discretion to sentence the offender above or below the suggested range. Both Russ Hunt and Michelle Tuegel are completely familiar with the United States Sentencing Guidelines and the ways in which they can affect every federal crime and case.

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