Jury Consulting

There are a number of practicing lawyers who simply do not have enough experience in the courtroom to be able to effectively select a jury. In these cases, it can be invaluable to seek assistance from experienced legal counsel.

At the Waco-based law firm of Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC, our attorneys have extensive trial experience. We handle complex, capital death penalty cases and other complicated criminal and civil litigation matters. We are prepared to help you or your firm with all of your jury consulting needs.

Drawing On A Wealth Of Experience

Trial work is what we do. Over the years, we have learned on the job about some of the things that drive a juror's decision-making. We have developed a keen insight into reading people and understanding where it is they are coming from. Whether you need assistance with voir dire selection or are looking for general strategies involving the selection of jurors, we invite you to speak with us.

Contact Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC

We provide jury consulting services to attorneys and law firms across Texas. To learn more about how we may be able to assist you, call 254-304-6354 or contact us online.