Giving A Voice To Those Who Can't Speak Up

Not every child in sports will become a world-class athlete, but every participant should be able to trust the intentions of the adults around them. Parents trust that coaches, trainers, treatment providers and medical professionals will give their children the care and attention they deserve.

In light of recent events, there is increased scrutiny by the media, civic leaders and trusted officials, numerous allegations of sexual assault in the sports world emerge, seemingly, on a daily basis. No matter if it is your child in sports, a high school athlete or an Olympic competitor, we are dedicated to helping survivors of sexual abuse share their truth, and hold the people and organizations or companies accountable who failed to protect them.

Sexual Abuse In Sports — Strong Representation When You Need It Most

While it falls to the criminal justice system to penalize sexual offenders, the victims of sexual assault have the right to pursue monetary compensation in light of the abuse they've endured. At Russell D. Hunt, Sr, Attorney at Law, we were involved in the Larry Nassar/Michigan State University case. We settled a portion of the $500 million case recently for our clients. As a firm, we are starting to get involved in other sexual abuse civil litigation connected to other sports and the United States Olympic Committee.

As a former elite athlete with experience competing for the United States in Slalom Water Skiing, partner Michelle Tuegel has a unique understanding of the trust and reliance athletes have in their coaches and treatment providers. Unfortunately, we are learning that far too often, that trust is misplaced.

Our firm is dedicated to changing the culture of these organizations so they devote significant resources to protecting athletes. We hope to see organizations and governing bodies focus as much attention on keeping their athletes safe as they do on sports performance.

To learn more about these recent events, we invite you to read further on the topic.

If you are concerned that your child is exhibiting signs of sexual abuse, or your loved one has specifically told you that something is wrong, we encourage you to schedule a consultation with a lawyer at our firm. We can be reached through email or by calling 254-304-6354.