Helping Victims Pursue Compensation For Shooting Injuries

Shooting injuries are all too common these days. Whether the shooting was intentional or accidental, victims are often left with serious, sometimes life-altering injuries. Personal injury claims relating to shootings are complex and many attorneys do not wish to take on these types of cases. However, at the Waco-based law firm of Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC, our personal injury lawyer is dedicated to helping victims and their family members recover the compensation they need to begin moving forward with their lives.

Holding Negligent Parties Accountable

It is a well-established law that gun manufacturers generally cannot be held liable for personal injury claims stemming from a shooting. After all, their product worked as intended. However, that doesn't mean that the shooter may not be held liable. Other parties may have acted negligently as well.

For example, if the shooting occurred in a place of business, such as a hotel, and the business failed to take reasonable security measures, the business may be held accountable. If a shooting occurred at a public event, such as the mass shooting in Las Vegas, the event organizers may have acted negligently. We will thoroughly investigate the circumstances that led to the shooting in order to ensure that all avenues of potential compensation are explored.

Contact Us If You Or A Loved One Has Been A Shooting Victim

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