How do I show the impact of a personal injury?

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It is fairly easy to document physical injuries sustained as a result of a Texas auto accident. Thanks to x-rays, photographs and the expert witness testimony of a physician, there are many ways to make a solid case that you have been injured due to the negligence of the other party. However, proving the amount of pain and suffering that resulted from an automobile accident can be more difficult.

The problem with evidencing emotional pain and hardship is that it is hard to objectively demonstrate. The other party in the case will do all they can to minimize whatever impact the injury has inflicted upon you and cast doubt that you are actually experiencing the distress that you claim. Findlaw recommends that you document any changes that have occurred in your life as a result of a personal injury. These documentations can include, but are not limited to, the following:

Missed Work

One of the easier ways to show how an injury has affected your life is to point out how many work days you have missed because of it. You may have lost a week, two weeks, or perhaps more than that. You might not have been able to go to work at all since the accident occurred. Additionally, the severity of your injuries could have resulted in you not being able to perform your old job any longer. You may be unemployed and need training to perform a new line of work.

Impacted Activities

Sustaining an injury may adversely affect your ability to participate in activities that you once enjoyed. These can include a sport, like tennis, baseball, basketball, or golfing. You can also document impacts on daily exercises like jogging or riding your bicycle. Because of your injury, you may not be able to run or even walk at all. Injuries can also impact your ability to attend school events for your children, or run gatherings like social club meetings.


Also take note of how your injury has affected your relationships with family and friends. If your mobility is severely impacted, you may need help at home getting around from a family member. If you cannot drive yourself, a friend or relative might have to drive you. If your injury has increased the burden on your loved ones, you should include this information.

This article does not offer legal advice. It is written to educate the reader on the impact of a personal injury.

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