Why is swimming pool safety so important?

With warm weather finally here, people in Texas are keen to visit swimming pools for a bit of rest and relaxation. While swimming is definitely fun, it’s also important to take all the proper safety steps to keep you and others secure. The Red Cross explains how you can do just that. 

First and foremost, any pools you attend should have rules and guidelines in place to ensure swimmers remain safe. If alcohol is involved, adults should refrain from using the pool while drinking. Even a strong swimmer can run into trouble while inebriated, which leads to the second point; no one should ever be allowed to swim alone. This is especially true when it comes to kids, who should always swim with a buddy and have an undistracted adult supervise the entire time. If a pool is shallow, swimmers should be informed that no diving is permitted.

People who own pools must also take steps to secure them while they’re not in use. Neighborhood kids can be tempted by a pool, which can lead to an increased drowning risk. Fencing is key in this case, and fencing around pools must be high enough to prevent children from getting in. You can also cover a pool to prevent issues with falling in. For an added layer of protection, consider installing a pool alarm, which alerts homeowners to the presence of an unauthorized individual. 

In the same token, pool owners must know CPR to ensure they can react quickly should an issue arise. CPR buys precious time until emergency personell arrive, which is crucial in a drowning scenario. They should also have ample flotation devices on hand, including life jackets and floaties. Taking these steps prevents others from getting hurt and ensures a day at the pool is both fun and safe. 

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