When is drug trafficking a federal offense?

To be as clear and frank as possible, any offense involving illegal drugs and substances is a very troubling matter. Charges involving drugs of any kind in the state of Texas requires immediate legal assistance from an experienced attorney. Ignoring the matter or simply hoping for a good outcome is a poor defense against a conviction.

With that out of the way, trafficking drugs is a crime under federal and state law. How the authorities choose to prosecute these crimes depends on several factors such as the type and quantity of the illegal substance. If you are facing trafficking charges, it is wise to seek help from a lawyer experienced with federal criminal defense. This will ensure that you are well-prepared to protect your freedom if the authorities decide to make it a federal case.

In many cases, the prosecution of drug trafficking crimes occurs on the state level. For example, if the entirety of the alleged trafficking occurred only inside of a single state, it will likely remain a state matter. However, if a defendant allegedly traffics drugs from one state to another, it will almost certainly become a federal level offense.

In such cases, a federal criminal defense lawyer can protect you from the most severe consequences if a conviction occurs. For example, good legal representation could reduce a possible sentence from life in prison to as few as 10 years behind bars.

Don’t forget that in some instances, your legal counsel may even be able to have the charges against you dropped altogether. This possibility alone is worth the time and the effort involved in finding the right federal criminal defense attorney.

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