Home search leads to murder charges for suspect in other crime

If you’re facing criminal charges, especially for violent crimes, it can feel like the entire world is against you. Police and prosecutors may be trying to push their own storyline leading up to events, while restrictions on your movement and communication may make it difficult to stand up for yourself.

This is why legal representation is important in those times, perhaps more than any other time in your life. An attorney can be working to understand the accusations against you while you are waiting for the criminal justice system to work out your case.

Searches of suspects’ homes and property may complicate charges and lead to other connected charges that may lead to more penalties. A man suspected of murder after a shooting was charged in connection to the death of another person after his home outside Dallas was searched.

The second victim was found in a parking lot near an apartment complex in Denton and died shortly afterward of an apparent gunshot wound to the chest. Evidence found in the suspect’s home apparently connected him and two other men to the crime. All three suspects were arrested and charged with crimes including capital murder.

People who are facing charges related to violent crimes always have the right to legal representation, whether they are being questioned by authorities or appearing in court for pretrial hearings and related proceedings. Attorneys may also make arguments to help secure bail, which can free up suspects to work toward reducing or dismissing charges. No one should have to face the criminal justice system without help.

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