Social media post leads to gun charges against Texas man

Social media has a significant role in the lives of many people living in the United States and around the globe. Because of its prevalent use, many people may not fully appreciate the potential implications of some information that they post — even if they do not intend for it to be taken seriously. Unfortunately, a man in Texas now faces gun charges after a post he allegedly made on social media was reported to federal law enforcement officers.

The case involves a 29-year-old man. Reports indicate that he came under investigation by the FBI after he allegedly posted a picture of a weapon with references to a deadly shooting that occurred at a Walmart in a different Texas city. As a result of that report, the FBI says it sought a search warrant after identifying the owner of the account.

Officials claim that the search led to the discovery of a machine gun and six other guns. Some of the weapons were allegedly obtained through mail order. The defendant reportedly spent six months in prison due to a 2011 felony conviction related to drug possession.

The gun charges the man now faces as a result of the search include possession of a machine gun by a felon and possession of a firearm and ammunition by a felon. Many people facing such charges in Texas have little legal experience. In addition to not being fully aware of their legal options, many also feel unable to accurately examine the events leading up to their arrest and identify actions that may have been unlawful. Fortunately, there are experienced criminal defense attorneys who can help defendants facing criminal charges with all aspects of their response to the allegations against them.

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