The value of pretrial intervention programs in Texas

For many people, college is a time when learning is intermingled with experimentation and freedom. Unfortunately for some, this could potentially lead to legal trouble, and a criminal conviction can have significant negative consequences for a person’s future. As such, pretrial intervention programs may be an alternative for college students, young people or other qualifying populations in Texas.

For many, this option is a way to avoid a conviction for a crime. As part of the process, those with no previous criminal record, for example, must apply to the program. Because not everyone who applies is accepted, having Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law as an advocate throughout the process can be beneficial, including ensuring that all necessary documents are gathered.

Completing the program can require participation in one or more of several different options, including community service, restitution, installation of an interlock system or psychological counseling or treatment, among others. If the terms of the program are met as required, the case is dismissed, and the person will not have a conviction on their record. After a certain time period, those who successfully complete these programs can also be have their record expunged.

Pretrial intervention programs are an attractive option for many in Texas who are facing criminal charges. Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law can help those who may qualify for these programs gather all the necessary documents and answer all their questions. Having such a professional providing guidance can reduce the stress associated with the criminal justice system as they make the decisions that will impact the rest of their lives.

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