What is a chain of custody and how to contest it

Do you know what a chain of custody is? If you are picturing a set of prisoners in orange boiler suits, clanking along in a slow shuffle, bound together by the heavy chains shackled to their ankles, you’d be wrong. A chain of custody has to do with the evidence collected against you if you face criminal charges.

The chain of custody is a list of all the people that had access to this specific piece of evidence. It must detail where it was found, who handled it, where it was stored and who had access.  

If you are facing criminal charges, contesting the chain of custody could help you defend yourself. The evidence needs to have been preserved without the possibility that anyone could have tampered with it in any way. Any gap in the history of the evidence could be vital.  

If the evidence was exposed to chemicals, it could have been affected in some way and thus unreliable. 

The authorities that seized the evidence need to have followed the correct procedures right from the outset. They need to have had the right to gather that evidence. If they stopped and searched you illegally or entered your home illegally, you may be able to get the evidence declared inadmissible.

Contesting a chain of custody can be a valid defense argument. Consider all the legal options available to you when it comes to defending your freedom and your future. It is important to have an attorney willing to investigate every tiny detail of your case.

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