The use of mitigation evidence in Texas criminal cases

There is no doubt that some people make decisions that have negative consequences, some of which result in criminal charges. However, even people in Texas who make the exact same mistakes, leading to the exact same criminal charges, arrived at the same point in their lives as a result of different experiences. These experiences often shed light onto the causes and effects of a crime. An attorney with experience with mitigation factors can help paint a picture into the events leading up to the charges

Fortunately, the team at Russell D. Hunt, Sr., Attorney at Law can help bring to light these mitigating factors when it comes to a criminal defense. By doing so, we can help ensure that our clients are viewed as human beings, rather than as a statistic. By providing this evidence, we can help others, such as the judge and jury in a trial, better understand the behavior, potentially evoking empathy and understanding.

There are a variety of different negative factors that could impact the decisions that a person makes. Some examples include mental illness, past history of abuse, chronic illness or head trauma. On the other hand, there are many positive mitigating factors such as being a dedicated employer or being an active member of the community.

There is always more to a person’s life and decisions that the picture painted by his or her criminal record or details offered by a Texas prosecutor. Our team has experience with the use of mitigation evidence and is committed to ensuring that a jury hears that story. We want to ensure that our client’s voices are heard which can provide a more comprehensive understanding of the path that led to criminal charges.

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