Texas woman faces gun charges after road rage incident

Road rage incidents have received a great deal of media attention over the course of the last few years. Depending on the individual circumstances of an incident, those involved could fear for their lives, ultimately prompting them to take action to defend themselves. Unfortunately, police in Texas claim that a recent incident has resulted in gun charges against a pregnant woman.

The incident reportedly happened on an afternoon in mid-September. According to reports, two vehicles reportedly bumped several times. It is unclear how the incident began.

Reports indicate that the 24-year-old pregnant driver of the SUV ultimately came to a stop as a result of construction. Witnesses accuse her of pulling out a gun and shooting at the sedan; a woman in the vehicle was reportedly taken to the hospital with a gunshot wound in her back but has since been released. Police say that a third vehicle was also in the line of fire. Only one person was injured in the incident.

The driver is now facing charges of evidence tampering and aggravated assault with a deadly weapon. As a result, the expectant mother will now have to make decisions that will likely impact both her and her unborn baby. Because she may feel unprepared to make these decisions, she has the right to seek assistance from professionals with experience responding to these types of charges, including providing guidance on whether to fight the accusations in court or pursue a plea deal for lesser charges, a reduced sentence, or both.

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