DWI suspected in wrong-way accident in Texas

The creation of interstates has made travel in Texas and across the country easier and faster. Unfortunately, sometimes on-ramps and exits can be confusing, making it possible for a driver to find him or herself traveling in the wrong direction. In a situation such as this, it may be easy for police officers to assume that a person was driving while intoxicated, or DWI, rather than simply confused. In fact, a woman is now facing criminal charges following an incident allegedly involving a wrong-way car accident.

The incident is said to have occurred during the early morning hours of a day in September. According to reports a 56-year-old woman was in the southbound lanes driving north when her vehicle struck a tractor-trailer. The truck is said to have gone over a bridge and landed in the parking lot of an aquarium.

Fortunately, the 65-year-old tractor-trailer driver is said to have suffered only minor injuries. The woman reportedly broke her leg in the collision and was treated at the hospital. Police believe that alcohol was a factor in the accident, and she faces criminal charges as a result.

Many people in Texas who are accused of DWI and other criminal charges have little to no experience with the criminal justice system. As such, they are unsure of their options and how to respond to the accusations against them. Consulting with an experienced criminal defense attorney often leaves them in a better position to make informed decisions about their individual situations.

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