The benefits of pretrial intervention outside of the courtroom

For decades, the Texas criminal justice system has attempted to help reduce recidivism and the impact of a mistake on someone’s life by offering pretrial diversion or intervention programs.

When someone faces charges related to drugs, alcohol or even anger management issues, the courts will sometimes consider suspending the criminal trial provided that the accused individual completes certain programs in compliance with a pretrial intervention program.

While the pretrial diversion process can have obvious benefits in the form of avoiding the worst criminal penalties associated with the charge, there is also a noteworthy secondary benefit of pretrial diversion that could actually be more valuable than simply avoiding jail time.

Pretrial diversion focuses on the factors that lead to criminal activity

Addiction, self-medicating due to trauma and unmanaged mental health issues can all directly contribute to someone’s criminal activity. Pretrial diversion programs often include substance abuse rehabilitation, alcohol or drug counseling and even mandatory courses in order to help the accused individual address the underlying causes of their criminal behavior. These can help you avoid prison time and also significantly improve your life moving forward.

Going through therapy, rehabilitation or specially-designed classes can help you understand and take control over your life and your future. If you believe that participating in a pretrial diversion program could help you get your life back on the right course and assist you in avoiding the most severe criminal consequences for a criminal charge, speaking with an experienced Texas defense attorney about your situation can give you a better idea of whether such intervention is an option for you.

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