Texas shelter director charged with embezzlement

Most people in Texas would agree that running a business or organization is not without its difficulties. Depending on the nature of an organization, there could be significant amounts of paperwork to complete when a purchase is made. A mistake or oversight with any funds — especially those related to federal funds — could lead to scrutiny by law enforcement officials. In fact, the director of a domestic violence shelter in Texas is now facing accusations of embezzlement relating to federal funds for the shelter.

The women reportedly worked as the director a shelter that serves sexual assault and domestic violence victims called Safe Place. According to reports, some of the shelter’s services were halted last year as the Texas Rangers conducted an investigation. Officials believe that the woman embezzled just under $8,500 from the organization.

It is unclear what prompted an investigation regarding the shelter. However, court documents claim that the woman stole the money from the shelter over a six-month period in 2018. She allegedly used the money for various personal expenses, including restaurant tabs, visits to a spa and her rent.

As a result of the accusations against her, the woman is facing federal charges of embezzlement and conspiracy to embezzle from a program that is federally funded. Unfortunately, accusations of white collar crimes are often complicated and come with steep consequences if convicted. Because most people in Texas have little experience with responding to such charges, many feel more confident doing so with the help of an experienced criminal defense attorney who can ensure that they are fully informed about their each of their options and their potential consequences.

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