Texas traffic stop leads to weapon, gun charges

Being pulled over by a police officer is a nerve-wracking experience. Unfortunately, once pulled over, police can make subjective statements that may be difficult to refute, such as claims regarding the detection of certain smells coming from a vehicle, such as marijuana. In fact, a young man in Texas now faces gun and weapons charges following a traffic stop.

The incident that led to the 21-year-old man’s arrest reportedly happened one morning on a day in mid-October. Though reports indicate law enforcement officers pulled the man over for speeding, it is unclear what the speed limit was, how fast he was allegedly traveling and how his speed was determined. Once pulled over, however, officers claim they spotted a gun in the vehicle and could smell marijuana.

Law enforcement officers then conducted a search, apparently as a result of their claimed observations. They report that they discovered $2,000 in cash in the man’s pockets in addition to finding methamphetamine, cocaine and marijuana in the vehicle. They further report that the gun in the vehicle had been reported stolen.

In addition to the gun and weapons charges, the man is also charged with money laundering and theft of the firearm. Unfortunately, most people confronted by law enforcement officers are unsure of their rights. Following a search such as this, having an experienced criminal defense attorney carefully review the events leading up to the arrest can help determine whether a person’s constitutional rights were violated and, if so, how to appropriately respond. Most people in Texas facing criminal charges feel more confident in their ability to navigate the justice system with such a professional fighting on their behalf.

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