Can you open carry anywhere in Texas?

Texas is known for its gun culture, and it took the step to allow open carry four years ago. This can be a bit confusing to some people, and it’s crucial to know how it really works. Essentially, it just means that licensed individuals can carry their guns in the open, where others can see them, rather than putting them under a coat or a shirt. 

One common question that people have is if they can open carry wherever they want. The answer, in short, is that they cannot. Just because you have the right to open carry does not mean that right extends everywhere. 

Where is it prohibited to carry a weapon?

First and foremost, there have always been places where guns are prohibited, and this remains true today. Examples include courtrooms, many government buildings, airports, schools and polling places. Taking a gun into a prohibited area could lead to an arrest. 

Another thing to note is that businesses can opt-out of this if they’d like to do so. They just have to put up the proper signs telling you that open carry isn’t allowed in the business. This could be an area of contention and confusion. You know that the law allows open carry, so you may be tempted to tell a store owner that they can’t infringe on your rights by prohibiting it. The truth, though, is that the law allows private company owners to decide what you’re allowed to do on their property, and ignoring these instructions could lead to an arrest.

What happens if you’re arrested for a gun violation?

If you’re under arrest, sure you know what legal defense options you have. Gun charges can be serious, so don’t try to handle the issue on your own. An experienced defense attorney should be by your side.

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