2 teens face aggravated robbery charges for a convenience store crime

There are lot of ways you can end up in trouble with the law. When guns are involved, however, ordinary charges can be enhanced — and so can the penalties that are attached.

Take for example this story from Waco in which two teens are now facing charges for robbing a convenience store at gunpoint. According to the news, the two teens, both 19, were charged with aggravated robbery. One of the teens had a gun. After investigating, the police determined that it had been stolen, so that teen also faces charges for the theft of a firearm. 

An aggravated robbery offense is one to take seriously

The aggravated robbery charge is generally placed when a person commits an offense that exhibits a deadly weapon, causes serious injuries to another person or threatens to cause harm to another person.

Unfortunately, an aggravated offense takes a robbery from a second-degree felony to a first-degree felony in Texas. That means that those who are charged face much harsher penalties, including prison time, upon conviction than if threats or weapons had not been involved. 

What should you do if you face an aggravated offense?

If you are facing an aggravated offense, it’s a good idea to work closely with your attorney on negotiating down that offense and defending yourself. Something as simple as reducing the charge from an aggravated offense to a base offense could help protect you against long prison sentences or heavy fines. It’s important to understand which charges you’re facing and how you could be penalized, so you can fight back.

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