A DWI conviction comes with many unexpected consequences

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What do defendants expect will happen to them after a DWI conviction? Do they feel enough is at stake to mount a defense?

In our experience, Texas residents fail to take the possible consequences of a DWI conviction seriously. In recent years, all states have taken steps to strengthen DWI laws to reduce drunk driving. Despite this, many defendants expect only a slap on the wrist and perhaps a fine after a conviction.

The unexpected consequences of a conviction

Our defense team urges you to look a little deeper when trying to determine what may happen to you if convicted for a DWI. Identifying the possibilities may prompt you to fight harder to preserve your reputation. You can expect the following:

  • DWI convictions will appear on background checks, compromising your ability to get a job.
  • Drunk driving convictions typically result in higher auto insurance rates, which could affect your finances.
  • College students could lose a scholarship or be denied enrollment after a DWI conviction.
  • Employers may decide that they do not wish to continue to employ those with a history of drunk driving.
  • Your professional license and the basis for your career could be at risk.

We want you to understand that you can avoid a conviction in some instances. However, acting fast is the best way to overcome your situation.

Instead of accepting your fate, consider learning more about the many defenses against a DWI conviction. Breathalyzer machines can be miscalibrated, the basis of a traffic stop can be challenged and so on. It’s your legal right to defend yourself from a DWI charge, and you should exercise that right to the best of your ability. An experienced advocate can help.

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