4 reasons you could be accused of credit card fraud

The Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) defines credit card fraud as using someone else’s card without their authorization to obtain goods or property. It covers the use of credit cards and debit cards. It is something they spend a lot of time and resources trying to prevent.

Not all credit card fraud accusations are founded in truth

Being accused of credit card fraud does not make you guilty. Here are some ways you could end up facing charges:

  • You help someone: An older person you care for asks you to book a holiday with their card. It is a present for one of their family. When the statement arrives, the person cannot remember asking you. The family accuses you of trying to book the holiday for yourself.
  • You made cards: It was great news when you gained a contract to produce cards for a new financial start-up. Little did you know they were using these for fraudulent activities.
  • You found a card: You find a wallet lying in the street and hand it in. When the cardholder finds money has gone out on the cards, the police accuse you.
  • You hacked someone’s details: You accessed people’s details as part of a hacking action. You did it for the challenge or to show weaknesses in the security system. The authorities may misunderstand your intentions and accuse you of being part of a fraud ring.

It is crucial you seek legal help if accused of any credit card crime. Do not think that courts treat white-collar crimes lightly. Penalties and sentencing for financial crimes can be tough. A criminal record will have lifetime consequences.

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