White collar defense cases require careful handling

Because a white collar crime is a non-violent crime, these kinds of crimes are often thought of as less serious than others.

The fact is, however, that some of these crimes can lead to millions of dollars of losses for the victims. That has to be considered when determining how to handle these crimes. 

What are some common white collar crimes?

Securities fraud, money laundering, and embezzlement are all common forms of white collar crimes. Mortgage fraud is also possible. The tie that binds these all together is that each crime is done for the purpose of financial gain for the person who commits the crime.

In many cases, there is a paper trail of the person trying to cover up the crime. This is sometimes what gets them caught. When there is suspicion of a federal crime, there are several agencies that might come on board to investigate the matter. The Federal Bureau of Investigation is usually the head of the investigation. Quite often, investigators leave no stone unturned — and there are a lot of traps for the unwary who choose to engage in discussions with the investigators without the benefit of counsel. 

White collar crimes are sometimes federal matters, which means that you’re going to face a federal prosecutor who has vast experience and resources. One of the ways you can combat this is to work with a defense attorney who’s familiar with the federal court system and the specific charges you’re facing. It’s imperative that you start working on the defense strategy quickly so you have time to consider all the options that are present for your specific case. 

In short: If you have reason to believe that you’re under investigation for a white collar crime, it’s better to speak to an attorney now.

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