Where are you subject to knife restrictions in Texas?

| May 25, 2021 | Criminal Defense

People carry knives for all kinds of reasons in Texas. Maybe you work with drywall, or you enjoy fishing. Whether you use knives for hobbies, sports or employment reasons, following all of the applicable Texas laws about knives is of the utmost importance. 

Texas has fewer restrictions than many other states. It does not limit people to certain styles of knives, nor are there different laws for concealed carry versus the open carry of knives. However, Texas law restricts the right to carry a blade more than 5 and 1/2 inches long in certain restricted areas.

Where can’t you carry a large knife in Texas?

Texas law limits where you can legally carry certain kinds of knives. Some of the most highly populated areas are subject to restrictions. If your blade is more than 5.5 inches long, state laws limit where you can carry it. 

You could find yourself charged with a crime for bringing that knife to:

  • A school or school bus.
  • A church.
  • An amusement park.
  • A polling place on election day.
  • A courthouse.
  • A racetrack.
  • The secured sections of airports.
  • A hospital or mental health hospital.
  • A prison.
  • A facility that makes more than 51% of its money from alcohol.

Unfortunately, you might stop at a place where a weapons restriction applies after a day out pursuing your passion or working without realizing that you still have your blade in your pocket. A totally innocent mistake could lead to very serious criminal allegations. 

Those who accidentally run afoul of Texas knife laws may find themselves facing weapons charges that they will have to defend against in court.


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