Does Texas restrict the kinds of ammunition you can own?

| Sep 16, 2021 | Criminal Defense

You may know about some of the gun laws in Texas, but do you know that there are ammunition ones as well? Ammo laws may restrict the kinds and how much ammunition you can purchase, for example. 

The good news for gun owners is that there are no strict regulations on ammunition in Texas. Usually, if the ammunition is available at a local store, it’s legal for purchase. 

There are exceptions to this rule, though. For example, you cannot purchase armor-piercing ammunition if it is designated for use with a handgun. This law is in place to prevent people from carrying this ammunition since it could pierce protective shields or ballistic armor used by the police or other law enforcement personnel. 

What is armor-piercing ammunition?

Armor-piercing ammunition refers to ammunition made with tungsten alloys, depleted copper, brass and other metals or minerals, as well as full-jacketed projectiles for use in a handgun. The jacket around the gunpowder must make up at least a quarter of the ammunition’s weight to qualify as armor-piercing ammunition. Ammunition under .22 caliber does not qualify as this.

What happens if you’re caught with prohibited ammunition?

If you are caught with an illegal form of ammunition, you could face charges. It’s important for you to review the regulations that apply to you as a gun owner and take steps to ensure you never carry the wrong kind of ammunition, especially if you travel out of state where ammunition is strictly controlled.

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