What is a white collar crime?

When most people think of crimes, they think of things like murder or drug charges. They may not realize that there’s an entire group of crimes that are known as white collar crimes because they’re most likely to affect those in administrative or management positions.

White collar crimes are just as serious as other crimes, even though they don’t have violent circumstances. One thing to remember is that there are victims in these crimes. Instead of suffering from physical violence, they have to deal with financial impacts.

What are some types of white collar crime?

There are many different forms of white collar crime. They are determined by the circumstances of the situation. Typically, they all come with considerable paper trails, so shoring up a defense quickly is important. Examples include:

  • Insider trading: Insider trading means that someone with intimate knowledge of a company makes decisions to buy or sell stocks based on information that isn’t being made available to other investors.
  • Embezzlement: This is a misappropriation of company money or assets that is typically done by a person who has a trusted position in the company.
  • Money laundering: This occurs when a person makes money illegally and funnels it through a legal channel to make it appear as though it was lawfully earned.

Facing charges for a white collar crime requires swift attention. Some defense strategy options might only be available early in the case, so it’s imperative that you review these quickly. Having someone on your side to help you go through these and determine what strategy is best for your case is important.

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