4 conditions of a pretrial intervention program

After someone commits a first-time DWI offense, they can apply and get approval for a pretrial intervention program. Per Texas Government Code Gov’t Section 76.011, a person taking part in a pretrial intervention program is under supervision for two years or less.

In addition, the individual has to meet the following criteria:

  • The crime they committed has to be a misdemeanor
  • They cannot be a gang member
  • Said offense cannot be of a violent or sexual nature

If you’re considering applying for participation in a pretrial intervention program, below are four conditions for you to adhere to for successful program completion.

Get an ignition interlock device

Some people are required to get Ignition Interlock Device (IID), an apparatus that keeps them from starting their vehicle after imbibing alcohol. Texas Code of Criminal Procedure Crim P Article 17.441 states that if someone needs to install an IID on their car, they must get it before the 30th day after the date they’re released on bond.

Join a drug/alcohol rehab program

A typical drug/alcohol rehab program consists of 12-step meetings, individual/group therapy, detox and relapse prevention. It can take place in an inpatient or outpatient setting.

Engage in community service

You may fulfill your community service obligations by volunteering at an animal shelter, senior center, food pantry or other non-profit organizations.

Avoid additional criminal activity

Getting involved in more criminal activity will end your eligibility for a pretrial intervention program. You can distract yourself from bad influences with work or enroll in school to learn new job skills.

If participating in a pretrial intervention program could help you avoid jail time, consider getting more information.


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