Consultation Services: Criminal Law Issues in Civil Litigation

Civil law and criminal law are fundamentally different in many aspects but there are also strong overlapping characteristics between the two. Both involve mastery of elements such as investigation, persuasion, gathering of evidence and execution of courtroom protocol. Skillful lawyers in both types of law practice stay up to date on trends in courts where they practice often.

When Civil May Turn Criminal

Civil trial lawyers and criminal defense attorneys often have valuable insights to share with each other. Furthermore, people facing civil matters such as lawsuits often have potentially criminal aspects to their cases. Areas of the law such as civil lawsuits filed based on serious injuries or death or property damage and civil rights are not normally criminal in nature, yet people with legal problems in these areas may need advice to avoid criminal charges.

Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, is a Waco, Texas-area criminal defense law firm that civil trial lawyers often consult with, with confidence. We have consulted with civil attorneys on both the plaintiff and defense side on criminal law issues involved in their clients’ cases.

A few examples of areas where we have provided our insight in civil matters:

  • Trucking cases that resulted in serious injury or death where the truck driver is facing possible criminal charges
  • Civil cases where parties in the civil litigation may be called before a grand jury to testify regarding events connected to the civil litigation that may result in criminal charges for the witness
  • Working with civil parties in communicating with law enforcement officers and/or prosecutors on interconnected civil and criminal case issues
  • Assisting civil lawyers in responding to civil discovery in a way that protects the rights of a party facing possible criminal charges

Whatever the legal matter in question, civil trial lawyers are encouraged to inquire and learn about the consultation services we offer.

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