Offering Representation In An ALR Hearing After A DWI Arrest

A drunk driving arrest is two-faceted: The administrative aspect may affect your driving privileges, while the criminal aspect may result in penalties such as jail time and a damaging criminal record. At Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, he is determined to provide his DWI defense clients with his best efforts at obtaining the best attainable outcomes in both the administrative and criminal matters.

Act Right Away For The Best Chance At Keeping Your Driving Privileges

Time is of the essence if you have been arrested on suspicion of driving while intoxicated. You have a brief window of time — 15 days — during which you can request a DWI Administrative License Revocation hearing (ALR hearing). If requested within the required time period, once your ALR hearing has been scheduled, you may retain your driving privileges (depending on the facts of your case) at least until that hearing.

Hearings may be scheduled out as long as 120 days later, sometimes even later. This extra time is critically important to many of our clients who depend on the freedom to drive to work and elsewhere. The ALR hearing process also allows us to sometimes receive discovery from DPS faster than we might from the prosecutor in the District Attorney’s Office.

When the time comes for your ALR hearing, you will have the opportunity to contest the suspension of your driver’s license if you failed a breath or blood test or refused to submit to such a test at the time of your arrest.

If you do not request a hearing within the 15 days after the date of your arrest, then 40 days after arrest your driver’s license will be suspended. If our firm is hired within the 15-day period, then we will request the ALR hearing for you, and Russell will handle this hearing as part of our representation of you. If your driver’s license is suspended and you would like to obtain an occupational driver’s license we can also assist you in this process. Our firm does charge an additional fee for an occupational license.

Contact Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney At Law: We Are Ready To Help You Fight To Protect Your Driving Privileges

From his law offices in Waco, Texas, Russell skillfully represents people in DWI Administrative License Revocation hearings (ALR hearings). To speak with a lawyer you can trust to focus intently on your case and provide clear, practical guidance, call 254-304-6354 or contact Russell online as soon as possible. He will provide a free initial consultation.