Will Your Criminal Case Undergo A Grand Jury Investigation?

There are significant benefits to hiring an attorney while being investigated by a state or federal grand jury. As you seek the most promising defense strategies in your criminal matter, increase the odds of the best outcome attainable by seeking quality legal counsel during this process.

At the law offices of Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, we emphasize the value of representation during the earliest stages of a criminal matter. Pre-indictment grand jury representation in both state and federal legal cases is not a standard practice, but defendants in high-stakes cases sometimes seek our counsel at this time.

Get Skilled Legal Counsel As Soon As Possible

Ideally, a defendant will contact our firm before a case is presented to a grand jury. Russell has had success heading off cases at that early stage. He has achieved results by assembling facts to present to an investigating officer or prosecutor. His clients were never indicted in a number of such cases that he handled.

Keep in mind that if Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law represents you before or during a grand jury investigation, he is not allowed to be in the grand jury hearings with you. However, he can prepare you for those meetings. He can help you navigate the process with confidence.

As a former prosecutor, attorney Russell D. Hunt Sr. has in-depth knowledge of likely lines of questioning in grand jury hearings.

Perhaps you are a potential plaintiff or a witness in a grand jury investigation, rather than the defendant in the criminal matter. Russell is qualified to advise you in this case, as well. Contact him to learn how we may help you by filing motions to quash a grand jury subpoena or preparing you for possible testimony or debriefings with the government.

Contact Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney At Law If You Are Under Investigation For Suspected Criminal Activity

Remember that every case is unique. A personalized review of your concerns is the next best step to take. Contact our Waco, Texas, criminal defense law offices to schedule a consultation with Russell. Call 254-304-6354 or contact us online.