Is Law Enforcement’s Term ‘Organized Criminal Activity’ Code For ‘Gang Activity?’

In order to bolster their cases involving criminal matters such as drug crimes, law enforcement officers sometimes tack on extra charges such as “organized criminal activity” or “possession of drug paraphernalia.” At the law offices of Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, we have successfully defended many people who had been charged with crimes of collusion, including:

  • Organized criminal activity
  • Aiding and abetting
  • Gang activity

Various terms are often used interchangeably with “gang activity” by police referring to groups of motorcyclists, groups of juveniles charged with crimes and other groups of people.

Zealous, Skilled Defenders On Your Side

Whether you have been accused of collaborating in criminal plans, threats or activities as part of an alleged motorcycle gang or simply a group of friends, Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, is ready to come to your assistance.

If one of our lawyers represents you in such a case, we will direct as much effort to your defense in the organized crime case as we do to the crime at the center of the charges, such as drug manufacture or assault.

When You Have Been Charged Because Of Association With Someone Who Committed A Crime

You may have been charged with organized criminal activity although you were not directly involved with the crime in question, such as arson, theft or marijuana sales. We are experienced criminal defense attorneys in Waco, Texas. We bring in-depth knowledge and ample experience to the task of representing people charged as parties to crimes they did not commit themselves.

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