Defense Lawyers Take On Probation Violation Charges

If you were granted probation in place of jail time in a criminal matter, your freedom depended on your ability to meet conditions, such as meeting with your probation officer, following the terms of your probation, paying fines and fees, and/or staying out of further trouble with the law. An effective defense may mean:

  • Determining why you missed meetings with the probation officers and arguing in favor of another chance for you to fulfill that requirement
  • Examining obstacles that allegedly prevented you from fulfilling terms of your diversionary agreement
  • Defending you in light of new criminal charges

These are just a few examples of possible tactics after a probation violation arrest. Your must urgent need in this circumstance is a truly personalized evaluation by an experienced, dedicated and skillful defense lawyer. Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, in Waco, is a valuable resource for Texans charged with probation violations. We have obtained favorable outcomes in many such cases over the years.

What Triggered Your Probation Violation Charges?

Did you fail to report for urinalysis as required? Have new criminal charges brought your probation to a halt? Did you allegedly fail to complete community service or substance abuse treatment? Allow us to examine the facts and help you devise an effective defense.

Are You Still On Probation, Wishing For Counsel On How To Prevent Another Arrest? Contact Us Today.

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