Zealous Defense Against Human Trafficking And Sex Trafficking Charges

One of the most striking issues we discover when we defend clients accused of human trafficking or sex trafficking is a mismatch between the alleged facts and the initial charges. Law enforcement agents have often charged our clients with major crimes such as these, when in fact a more appropriate charge might have been solicitation of a prostitute or online solicitation of a minor. Very often, there was no “real victim,” but rather, the appearance of an attempt to exploit others.

As the saying goes, “Let the punishment fit the crime.” Our defense lawyers take a strong stand in support of our clients’ rights in these and other sex crime cases.

Serious Criminal Charges — Serious Defense Required

At Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, we make no presumptions before conducting a thorough investigation. We bring empathy along with fervent advocacy on behalf of our clients who have been charged with serious crimes such as human trafficking and sex trafficking. Even the accusations can ruin a reputation. A conviction for offenses of this nature can mean:

  • A lengthy jail or prison sentence
  • High fines and penalties
  • Required sex offender registration

Even in cases where we represent someone whose alleged actions fit the description of human trafficking or sex trafficking, we take a comprehensive, humanizing approach. Mitigation is often a key focus of our approach to defense of clients charged with human trafficking and sex trafficking offenses.

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