Defending Against Manslaughter And Intoxicated Manslaughter Charges

An accidental death — even when caused by someone else’s negligence — does not necessarily lead to murder or manslaughter criminal charges. However, when the negligent actions are criminal, manslaughter charges may go along with charges for that criminal act. For example, when drunk driving is a factor in a car accident, police and prosecutors may bring vehicular manslaughter charges or even murder. Other actions involving alcohol consumption — such as road rage — may lead to intoxicated manslaughter charges if someone dies as a result.

Are Manslaughter Charges A Possibility?

Whatever the circumstances that brought about a death in a situation you were involved in, contact a criminal defense attorney right away. Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, in Waco, Texas, urges you to do this even if criminal charges have not come about yet. Police often take time to evaluate facts in detail before deciding to charge someone with manslaughter or intoxicated manslaughter. That window of time is the best opportunity for you and a defense lawyer to get a head start on preventing criminal charges — or preparing to meet them head-on.

Murder Versus Manslaughter

Sometimes actions known to be wrong — such as assault — cause a death that was not the intention of the accused. If police or prosecutors claim you committed manslaughter, request a consultation with an experienced defense attorney.

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