Experienced White Collar Criminal Defense

Allegations of financial wrongdoing often lead to felony charges that can bring a lengthy prison sentence and destroy the accused person’s reputation and career. If you have been arrested or come under investigation for any white collar offense in Central Texas, you have a clear, urgent need for qualified legal counsel.

Knowledgeable Counsel And Trial-Proven Advocacy

At Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, you can depend on clear, reliable legal guidance and skilled, rigorous defense of your rights. We handle the most serious and complex matters of criminal law — and we actively try cases before juries in both state and federal courts.

We recognize that intense financial pressure, the complexity of government regulations and many other factors may be relevant to your case. Our criminal defense lawyers, Russell D. Hunt Sr. and , will work closely with you and collaborate to identify the best strategies for your case.

We Are Prepared For The Complexities Of Fraud, Embezzlement And Other Financial Crime Allegations

You can turn to our firm for prompt attention if you are charged with or being questioned about activities such as:

  • Embezzlement or any other form of self-dealing or theft from an employer
  • Fraud, whether against individuals, businesses or government entities, including bank fraud or wire or mail fraud
  • Identity theft or any other crime involving fraudulent transactions, many of which are conducted via the Internet and subject to federal prosecution
  • Money laundering, conspiracy and other such offenses

Contact Our Central Texas Law Firm As Soon As You Have A Legal Concern

Any contact with law enforcement or a government agent about a potential criminal inquiry is cause for serious concern. Speaking to these authorities without a tough, knowledgeable lawyer on your side is a major risk that you should not take.

For prompt attention from Waco white collar defense attorneys with credentials including board certification in criminal law and decades of trial experience, we encourage you to contact us as soon as possible. Simply call 254-304-6354 or reach us online anytime to request your free initial consultation.