Building A Defense Against Federal Criminal Charges

Your choice of defense counsel is extremely important in any criminal case. However, if you are facing federal criminal charges, it is essential to work with an attorney who knows and understands the unique nuances and demands of this arena. Federal courts have different rules of procedure than state courts, and strict, complex sentencing guidelines and practice often make the consequences of a conviction extremely severe.

At the law firm Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, you will get a litigation lawyer that is an accomplished trial lawyer with significant criminal defense experience in federal court. His knowledge of the system, officials involved and other critical factors equips him extremely well to provide focused, effective defense against felony charges filed in the Western District of Texas, Waco Division.

Turn To A Trial-Proven Attorney For Defense In U.S. District Court

Russell D. Hunt Sr. has decades of relevant experience and a genuine passion for representing the citizen accused. He performs the comprehensive investigation and case analysis that federal felony criminal defense in Texas demands, including rigorous inquiry into whether his client’s constitutional rights were violated or there are other significant problems with the prosecution’s case.

Charged With A Federal Crime Or Under Investigation? Get Counsel Now To Protect Your Rights And Future.

If you or a loved one has been charged with a federal drug crime, weapons crime, financial crime or other offense, there is no time to lose in consulting a qualified lawyer. The same is true if you have been contacted in connection with any federal investigation of alleged criminal activity. For a free initial consultation, contact Russell D. Hunt Sr. Attorney at Law now at 254-304-6354 or via email.