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Aggravated assault charges filed after Bellmead stabbing

Just like every coin, every story has two sides. Most of the time, people are content to agree to disagree about differences in the details of how things happened. But when there is an official record, and the freedom or punishment of a person depends upon it, parties to a conflict find it necessary to tell their sides of a story.

Extenuating circumstances can make criminal charges less onerous during a prosecution. A captivating version of events can sway jurors' opinions. In many criminal cases, when charges are resolved before a verdict is reached by a jury, prosecutors can accept a plea bargain for lesser charges and punishments.

Wrongful death lawsuit follows fatal Texas crash

Texas was built on the right of people to defend themselves. But most of life's challenges end up being more subtle than a battle. When people's malicious or negligent actions end up doing us harm, we have to think immediately about how to make ourselves whole.

A wrongful death lawsuit is in the works after a road collision in Glasscock County that killed two teenage boys. The incident is related to a driver employed by the defendant in the suit. The driver apparently drifted into oncoming traffic while distracted by a video playing on his smartphone.

Home search leads to murder charges for suspect in other crime

If you're facing criminal charges, especially for violent crimes, it can feel like the entire world is against you. Police and prosecutors may be trying to push their own storyline leading up to events, while restrictions on your movement and communication may make it difficult to stand up for yourself.

This is why legal representation is important in those times, perhaps more than any other time in your life. An attorney can be working to understand the accusations against you while you are waiting for the criminal justice system to work out your case.

Nurses face unique challenges with DWI charges

If you are a Waco nurse facing a charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI), you face different challenges than someone who may work in construction or as a retail store clerk.

The problem that you face is that a conviction can impede your ability to earn a living in your chosen field because your nursing license is likely to be on the line after being arrested for DWI.

9 face federal charges in alleged drug conspiracy

When someone has been arrested and charged with a federal crime, it can feel like the decision has already been made. But that is far from the case. A charge is simply the beginning of the government's case against someone, and it is time to dispute those charges or work in court to turn them into different criminal allegations that may carry lesser punishments.

Nine people in Texas have been indicted on federal charges connected to an alleged criminal conspiracy. A federal grand jury for the Eastern District of Texas returned 42 counts of drug and firearms violations against people in Tyler, Troup and other communities in the region.

New Texas laws cause confusion regarding hemp products

Drug crimes in Texas were relatively easy to understand for decades. But now, updates to state laws have led to confusion. There have even been documented cases of people facing charges for a violation that turned out to be a legal substance. It's important to know the effects of new laws on potential criminal charges.

One of the key issues is the difference between three different products derived from the cannabis plant. Hemp is now a legal product, used in applications from skin salves to twine. But it is difficult to distinguish from marijuana because it is nearly identical in appearance and smell. The legal difference is the content of tetrahydrocannabinol, or THC, the chemical in marijuana that is psychoactive.

Texas charges dismissed over failed identification of drugs

Have you ever faced criminal charges when you are sure you didn't commit a crime? This terrifying situation is a reality for many people in Texas every day, and they all have one thing in common. An attorney can help them defend themselves.

A man driving a truck full of plant material was recently arrested on suspicion of carrying more than 3,000 pounds of marijuana. The 39-year-old faced federal charges based on the size of the haul and the supposed attempt to distribute a narcotic. But that was never the case.

Wrongful death lawsuit asks questions of intentional injury

We almost all experience some sort of injury or pain as we move and grow through life. Perhaps it was a bad fall or an incident in a sports game. Most of the time, we can move past the cause and focus on getting better. But, sometimes, it is difficult because someone else may have caused the situation in which we find ourselves.

This is why the civil court system in Texas and many other states offers the option for a lawsuit regarding personal injury or wrongful death. If an injured person or the survivors of the victim of a fatal accident feel that someone may have been to blame, they deserve the chance to claim financial damages to help with recovery.

Do you know the difference between burglary and theft in Texas?

There are many kinds of property and theft crimes, which can leave people feeling confused about what legal terms actually refer to. Theft itself is an umbrella term that refers to the inappropriate or illegal acquisition of an asset. Multiple kinds of theft crimes take place in Texas every day.

Shoplifting, also known as retail fraud, occurs when someone goes into a business and engages in one of many practices intended to deprive the company of the full value of items they sell. From taking items out of the store without paying for them to swapping labels, there are many forms of shoplifting.

When is drug trafficking a federal offense?

To be as clear and frank as possible, any offense involving illegal drugs and substances is a very troubling matter. Charges involving drugs of any kind in the state of Texas requires immediate legal assistance from an experienced attorney. Ignoring the matter or simply hoping for a good outcome is a poor defense against a conviction.

With that out of the way, trafficking drugs is a crime under federal and state law. How the authorities choose to prosecute these crimes depends on several factors such as the type and quantity of the illegal substance. If you are facing trafficking charges, it is wise to seek help from a lawyer experienced with federal criminal defense. This will ensure that you are well-prepared to protect your freedom if the authorities decide to make it a federal case.

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