Criminal Defense Lawyer In Central Texas

The true measure of any criminal defense law firm in Texas is the firm’s trial experience. At Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law, every client knows from the outset that he or she will be represented by a trial lawyer who will work to build a strong defense against criminal charges.

Russell’s clients range across the cultural and economic spectrums of life. He will devote all of his professional energies to criminal defense in state and federal courts. Attorney Russell Hunt is a life time member of the National Association of Criminal Defense Lawyers. Mr. Hunt is board-certified in criminal law by both the Texas Board of Legal Specialization and the National Board of Trial Advocacy. He is a veteran of numerous capital murder and other extremely serious felony cases.

Building A Strong Defense Against All Criminal Charges

From his law offices in Waco, Russell defends people facing state and federal criminal charges throughout Central Texas, including:

Burglary: Theft and burglary charges can follow you for life. Whether you made a mistake or are the victim of a police error, he can help protect your rights.

Drug crimes: There is no such thing as a “minor” drug crime in Texas. All charges are serious and require a serious defense.

Drunk driving: DWI charges do not discriminate and can happen to anyone. A conviction for even a first offense can have lifelong consequences. He understands how serious these charges can be and will fight for you every step of the way.

Federal criminal charges: Federal courts operate differently than state courts. It is crucial that you seek legal counsel from an attorney with experience handling federal crimes.

Weapons charges: If you have been accused of unlawful possession of a firearm or have been charged with a crime involving the use of a weapon, you should seek legal advice from Russell D. Hunt as soon as possible.

Crimes involving the internet: As computers have become commonplace, so have criminal prosecutions for online sex offense, identity theft and other internet-related crimes. Russell understands how to challenge the prosecution’s evidence at every turn.

Organized crime: Law enforcement officers often use the term “organized criminal activity” interchangeably with “gang activity” in an effort to strengthen criminal charges. Whether you have been accused of collaborating in criminal plans or were simply arrested with a group of friends, he will help protect your rights.

Violations of probation: A probation violation can mean having to serve out a long sentence. Russell can work hard to minimize the damage as he attempts to pursue a favorable outcome.

Criminal sexual conduct: Sex crimes can impact your reputation, even if you are not convicted. Russell will work hard to help protect your interests if you are facing these serious charges.

Violent crime: Even if there were eyewitnesses to an alleged violent offense, he can help build a solid case for your defense.

White collar criminal charges: An allegation of fraud, embezzlement or another white collar criminal charge can destroy your reputation and your career. Get the experienced legal help you need in your corner.

Pretrial Intervention Programs

We all make mistakes. Pretrial intervention enables defendants to resolve criminal charges through positive actions, rather than engaging in courtroom conflict with the prosecution. Russell can let you know whether a pretrial intervention program might be right for your case.

Mitigation: The Humanizing Approach

Russell is committed to using mitigation evidence when it comes to sentencing. Explaining the circumstances that have led to an individual’s encounter with the criminal justice system helps to humanize that person and ensure that his or her voice will be heard.

Grand Jury Investigations

If you are under investigation by a grand jury at either the state or federal level, you can improve your chances of obtaining a more favorable result by getting skilled legal counsel in your corner as soon as possible.

Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney At Law Is Available To Help Answer All Of Your Questions

He can help answer many common criminal defense questions, although every case is unique. He can help you explore the best way to move forward with your criminal case.

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