Defending Against DWI Charges

Under the extremely strict laws in place today, even a basic, first-offense charge of driving while intoxicated (DWI) in Texas is a very serious charge. Any prior convictions, involvement in an injury-causing accident, or a range of other factors can bring dramatically enhanced penalties. If you are convicted of DWI, the offense will appear on your criminal record for life.

Focused, Determined Advocacy By A Proven Trial Lawyer

Please do not assume that the outcome of your DWI case will be the same regardless of the attorney you hire to represent you. Russell D. Hunt Sr., Attorney at Law recognizes how serious the impact of a DWI conviction may be on your freedom, privileges and livelihood. Russell approaches drunk driving defense with investigative rigor and proven ability to obtain an acquittal at trial or negotiate manageable consequences.

Russell will identify and execute the best defense strategies for his clients. You can count on him to evaluate every aspect of your unique case. His brand of serious, hard-driving representation will be an asset under any circumstances, and it may prove especially crucial if you are facing charges such as:

  • Driving while intoxicated (DWI misdemeanor)
  • Felony DWI for a third or subsequent offense
  • Intoxication assault or vehicular homicide
  • Underage DWI and comparable charges that may well impact your status as a college student or have other severe, lasting consequences

Driver’s License Suspensions And Administrative License Review Hearings

A DWI is a criminal charge. There is also a quasi-criminal or civil issue. ALR stands for Administrative License Revocation. Almost always, a person charged with a DWI also faces a driver’s license revocation for either failing a breath/blood test or refusing the test. Such a revocation can result in a driver’s license suspension in addition to the possible suspension of a driver’s license upon conviction.

When a person is arrested for a DWI, the driver is supposed to be offered a breath test. If the test is refused or failed, the officer is supposed to take the person’s driver’s license and issue a written warning advising that he or she has 15 days to request a hearing to determine whether his or her license will be suspended. If a hearing is not requested within 15 days, then 40 days after arrest the driver’s license will be suspended. If a hearing is timely requested, the driver’s license cannot be suspended until there has been an ALR hearing. The person arrested can make a request for a hearing (and it is suggested that request be made IN WRITING by fax), or, if Russell is hired within the 15-day period, he can make the request.

Occupational Driver’s Licenses/Driver’s License For Essential Need

If a person’s driver’s license is suspended, it MAY be possible to obtain an Occupational Driver’s License. This is also sometimes referred to as a Driver’s License for Essential Need. Such a license MAY permit a person to continue to drive to and from work or school. This is a separate issue from the DWI for which you might hire Russell, and he does charge an additional fee. Please discuss this issue with us if you hire Russell.

Representation Based On Your Specific Circumstances And Most Important Priorities

Prosecutors and court officials in Central Texas recognize the firm’s reputation for all-out defense representation and trial advocacy with integrity. Russell will consider potentially critical factors such as whether an officer had probable cause for your traffic stop or whether blood alcohol testing was conducted properly. Our firm invites you to take a look at some general information regarding DWI charges.

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