Convictions with nationwide consequences

Your life could change drastically for a number of reasons, but few events have the lasting consequences of a federal conviction. At Hunt & Tuegel, PLLC., our entire team understands what is at stake when it comes to these cases. That is why we commit ourselves to the fervent defense of each of our clients, whether it is on the national or the state level.

Any federal criminal charges you might face could be damaging, whether you were to be convicted of the crime or exonerated of the accusations. However, whereas a spurious claim of wrongdoing poses a threat of remediable damage to your reputation or your personal life, a conviction could result in overwhelmingly severe consequences, such as:

  • Strict minimum sentencing, often including prison
  • Lifetime, involuntary offender registration
  • Limited employment prospects after release
  • Restrictions on living areas

We realize that avoiding a conviction is probably the top priority of every individual who approaches us faced with criminal accusations. That is why we often prioritize investigation into the facts of each case, especially the methods by which evidence was gathered. It is our experience that, in their zeal to uncover some supposed truth, law enforcement agents sometimes bend the rules that are put in place to protect you from such breaches of justice as evidence tampering, civil rights violations or police entrapment. 

As attorneys, we respect the law deeply for its ability to take the powerful to account for their unethical actions or to reveal the lack of evidence behind false accusations. That is why we fight so hard for our clients when they face any type of charge. To continue reading, please navigate to our main site.

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