Racially charged threats lead to misdemeanor assault charges

Contrary to popular belief, assault charges stem not from physical violence but from the threat of violence. This is as true in Texas as it is in North Carolina, where a 51-year-old white woman who threatened to pull a concealed weapon on two African-American sisters is now facing misdemeanor charges for simple assault. 

The incident occurred in mid-October. The two sisters were waiting in the parking lot of a Charlotte apartment complex for assistance from AAA. Video captured of the incident appears to show the woman accosting the two sisters, asking if they lived in the apartments, making seemingly irrelevant comments regarding race and how much money she earns and threatening the two by allegedly asking, “Do I need to bring out my concealed weapon too?”

Authorities who arrived at the scene following a 911 call from the sisters reporting the woman’s alleged harassment were unable to locate her. The woman had also called 911 and allegedly made false reports about the sisters attempting to break into apartments, and law enforcement issued a warrant for the woman’s arrest around the end of October for communicating threats, simple assault and misuse of the 911 system. On Saturday, the woman turned herself in to the authorities, who set her bond at $500 and transferred her to the Brunswick County Sheriff’s Department following her arrest. 

Due to her arrest, the woman’s employers have also dismissed her from her job, issuing a statement that the company’s code of conduct does not allow for behavior such as that recorded in the alleged incident. This goes to show that the potential consequences for assault charges can extend far beyond the criminal justice system. Those charged with assault may wish to engage the services of a criminal defense attorney. 

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