What are the penalties for terrorism?

Texas and federal legislators, courts and enforcement professionals tend to take potential terrorism very seriously. If you were to face these types of charges, it would not be surprising for the prosecution’s evidence to result from the work of joint task forces involving local law enforcement and federal agencies, such as the FBI.

This combination of high enforcement priority, tough interpretation of the law and strict statutory penalties could list any terrorism charge you might face among the most challenging events in your life. However, each situation is different. There could still be hope to reduce the consequences, weaken the prosecution’s position or reach an agreement, depending on the details of your case. 

One of the more confusing charges you might face could be making a threat. There are recent cases that would show you the severity of these accusations: NBC reported on a Plano case involving a potential 10-year prison sentence for terroristic threats. You could still face life-changing consequences even if you were simply acting out a complex fantasy and you got carried away. 

While it is the job of law enforcement to keep your communities safe, it is not appropriate for these agencies to overstep their authority in doing so. You should also be on guard for prosecutors who use excessive charges to intimidate you into capitulation.

Terrorism is unacceptable, but so are overzealous accusations and illegal investigations. A close analysis of your situation is often necessary to come up with a strategy. Again, every case is different. Please do not read this article as legal advice. It is only general background information.

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