Can a court order you to attend rehab?

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When you have drug charges on your record, a Texas drug court may sometimes order you to get treatment. You may wonder if you have to accept this treatment and what these rehab programs might be like.

Courts might suggest treatment for many drug offenses. says courts might order treatment if your charges include drug possession or theft to obtain money to purchase drugs. Additionally, courts may require you to go through a rehab program if you have fewer than three drug charges on your record or if officials suspect you have an addiction.

If a court orders you to attend a rehab program, you may wonder if you have to go. Most of the time, a court orders rehab as part of your parole requirements. If a conviction includes jail time, a court may sometimes suggest rehab to replace this imprisonment or to shorten the amount of time you spend in jail. You may refuse to attend treatment programs; however, it is important to remember that this refusal may have negative repercussions. A court may require you to spend more time in jail, for example.

If you agree to attend a rehab program, this treatment might take many forms. If you are in prison, you may attend an educational program which teaches you about the dangers of substance abuse. If you are on probation, this treatment might consist of counseling. You may also work with a social worker to put together a plan to keep you away from drugs in the future. In other situations, you may attend a Residential Drug Abuse Program. This treatment plan typically combines vocational education with therapy.

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