Indictment targets 17 defendants

On Behalf of | Sep 8, 2019 | Drug Crimes

People in Texas who are arrested can understandably feel scared and unsure of what to expect. Even though the law indicates that every person is innocent until proven guilty, it can seem to a defendant that the public may already view them as guilty simply on the basis of their arrest. Reading media reports about arrests makes this evident as such reports rarely focus on the potential for a person to be found innocent.

There are today 17 different people who might fall into the category of feeling all but convicted by public opinion despite the fact that their cases have yet to be tried. According to a report by KVUE, the 17 individuals have been charged with various offenses related to their alleged participation in a drug ring. Together, the group is said to have conspired to distribute heroin and methamphetamine in multiple cities across Alabama and Texas. The activity is supposed to have been underway since sometime last year.

The arrests came as part of a multi-agency effort that involved officials at the municipal, state and federal level. All of the defendants have been placed in federal custody at this time while awaiting the next steps in their cases. No details have been provided on how any of the defendants have pled or intend to plead.

The potential prison time for the defendants varies based upon the charges against them, with some facing the possibility of life in prison. Five years is the least amount of time in prison associated with any of the charges.




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