Aggravated assault charges filed after Bellmead stabbing

Just like every coin, every story has two sides. Most of the time, people are content to agree to disagree about differences in the details of how things happened. But when there is an official record, and the freedom or punishment of a person depends upon it, parties to a conflict find it necessary to tell their sides of a story.

Extenuating circumstances can make criminal charges less onerous during a prosecution. A captivating version of events can sway jurors’ opinions. In many criminal cases, when charges are resolved before a verdict is reached by a jury, prosecutors can accept a plea bargain for lesser charges and punishments.

Police believe a woman in Bellmead stabbed her roommate in the arm in a recent incident that caused officers to be called to their shared home. The woman faces a felony charge under Texas law of aggravated assault with a deadly weapon.

Aggravated assault or a financial crime is a specific kind of charge that is related to the circumstances of an offense. A person may be guilty of aggravated assault if the injuries caused by it were particularly serious or a victim was unable to defend themselves due to disability. Fortunately, the victim in this crime does not appear to have life-threatening injuries.

Anyone facing criminal charges may better understand them and begin to build a defense against them with legal representation. An attorney is a sacred right for any person, no matter their suspected crime. A lawyer can help represent a person’s interests during questioning, hearing, filings and appearance in court before a judge or jury.

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