Wrongful death lawsuit follows fatal Texas crash

Texas was built on the right of people to defend themselves. But most of life’s challenges end up being more subtle than a battle. When people’s malicious or negligent actions end up doing us harm, we have to think immediately about how to make ourselves whole.

A wrongful death lawsuit is in the works after a road collision in Glasscock County that killed two teenage boys. The incident is related to a driver employed by the defendant in the suit. The driver apparently drifted into oncoming traffic while distracted by a video playing on his smartphone.

The man’s truck hit the car carrying two Dallas boys on the way home from going bowling. The case alleges that the company failed to prevent this accident through a lack of training and accountability with its drivers.

“Distracted driving has become a national epidemic, causing one in ten fatal crashes,” said the attorney filing the lawsuit on behalf of the families of one of the victims. “You shouldn’t be able to put for-profit vehicles on the road while turning a blind eye to distracted driving.”

People who are injured in similar accidents and the surviving family or estate of a traffic fatality have the right to file a personal injury or wrongful death claims against the responsible parties. This sort of possibility may involve financial damages to help with recovery from injuries or compensation for time lost during recovery or end-of-life preparations.

An attorney is often the best ally in this sort of situation. Legal representation assures that no details are left untended and no one has to struggle alone in a difficult time.

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