Did your gun go off accidentally? 

You’re a citizen of Texas and you possess firearms. This is a legal right that is enshrined by the second amendment of the U.S. constitution. 

The main purpose of your firearms is for hunting and other hobbies, such as target practice. You have no intention of using them for self-defense, other than as the last resort.

Can firearms go off accidentally? And if this happens, will you face criminal charges? 

Defective equipment can cause accidental discharges

Like any other piece of machinery, guns need to be designed and manufactured to a safe standard. Reputable companies generally take this seriously, and they get it right most of the time. Nonetheless, gun technology isn’t always flawless and if you’ve recently purchased a new gun that was not up to the required standards, it could go off accidentally. If someone is within the vicinity, they could be harmed and you could end up facing criminal charges. 

Dropping a firearm can cause it to go off

Another common cause of accidental discharge occurs when a weapon is dropped. You may be at the range with friends, or on a hunting trip. You lost grip on the gun for a split second, and it has fallen to the floor, going off on landing. If someone has been hurt, there is a potential that you could face charges. 

Was the behavior deliberate or reckless? 

If the prosecution deems your behavior to be either intentional or reckless towards the safety of others, you could be charged with the reckless discharge of a firearm. 

Nonetheless, intent matters and if you took every precaution and it was purely an accident, you will have a legitimate defense. Having a knowledgeable support network behind you will help you to obtain the most favorable outcome in your case.  

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