College students could lose enrollment or aid over study drugs

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College students are notorious for throwing wild parties and making bad choices. There is an entire genre of comedy movies that focuses on the hijinks associated with campus life. Unfortunately, law enforcement officers in the real world often take a much more aggressive approach to student misconduct than the authorities in movies do.

Students with promising futures can find themselves panicked about their prospects after they get arrested for a drug offense. Not every college student who faces drug charges will have attended wild parties and tried recreational drugs. Study drugs can just as easily get students into trouble as party drugs.

Many college campuses see significant study drug abuse

There are numerous reasons that students may abuse medications prescribed for those with hyperactivity and attention deficit disorders, which many people refer to as study drugs.

One may be because they have such a condition and either do not have insurance or do not have a diagnosis. Another might be that they have heard from their peers that such medications improve information retention or productivity. Finally, there are those who turn to study drugs in desperation to cram for a test or finish a project that they left to the last minute.

Any college student caught in possession or under the influence of a prescription drug for which they do not have a valid prescription could face criminal charges. Those charges might ultimately end the student’s time at college.

Drug charges violate codes of conduct and affect background checks

Most universities have student handbooks that include codes of conduct. The rules set forth within those codes establish minimum standards of behavior and ethics for those enrolled at the college. Many times, there are rules against criminal convictions while enrolled. Colleges may subject someone to a disciplinary hearing on campus and may revoke someone’s enrollment at the school.

Additionally, students may have to worry about losing financial aid. Even private scholarship programs frequently perform background checks before sending out awards. Students who have a recent drug conviction on their record may find it very hard to win new scholarships and may lose some of the funds they had already secured to help cover their college costs.

Fighting back against the drug charges your college student faces will often require parental support and guidance but can potentially limit the lasting consequences of their youthful mistake.


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