2 times simply possessing a gun could lead to your arrest

Texas has relatively favorable firearm laws for those who possess firearms for personal protection, work or sport. However, there are still limitations on firearm ownership and situations in which simply possessing an otherwise lawful firearm could lead to someone’s criminal prosecution.

Despite having the right to possess and practice with a firearm, you could end up being arrested and facing charges if police encounter you in possession of a firearm in one of the two situations below.

You recently served a prison sentence

Those incarcerated for felony offenses are often subject to firearm restrictions after their release from state custody. Typically, you can only regain your lawful firearm rights five years after your release from incarceration. Possessing firearms too soon might lead to new criminal charges.

You have a history of domestic violence

Federal law limits your firearm possession rights in certain situations. A handful of felony charges may result in someone losing their right to own guns. Any charge specifically related to spousal abuse, even if the state does not charge you with domestic violence but brings a different charge, could lead to the loss of your firearm rights for the rest of your life.

If you get caught possessing a firearm after a domestic violence conviction, you may end up arrested and facing criminal charges. Recklessly displaying firearms inside a motor vehicle or possessing certain kinds of accessories without a permit could also lead to criminal charges even if you never do anything intentionally illegal with your firearms.

Understanding possession of a firearm might lead to criminal charges can help people better comply with Texas and federal law. If you’re facing charges, it’s wise to seek legal guidance as soon as possible.

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