2 actions that could worsen a criminal case in Texas

Once you have attracted the attention of law enforcement, you probably worry most about possible incarceration, especially if you expect severe charges. Unfortunately, your anxiety and concern can make you behave in a manner that might worsen your legal circumstances.

No one wants to get arrested or spend time behind bars. However, you should resist the temptation to break more laws once the police have you on their radar.

Evading law enforcement 

Never run away when law enforcement officers approach you to ask questions or make an arrest. Under Texas law, evading arrest or detention is a criminal offense. You could face misdemeanor or perhaps even felony charges. On top of that, you will still need to deal with the authorities for whatever reason they approached you in the first place.

Skipping bail

Say the police arrested you on drug or weapons charges, but you managed to bail out after a day or so. You might feel tempted to take an extended trip to a destination far away from Waco to avoid further dealings with the state criminal justice system. Few people remain free after skipping bail, and doing so could result in harsh penalties or add years to your sentence if convicted of the original offense.

Most people evade the police or jump bail because they believe they have few or no defense options. Regardless of innocence or guilt, your constitutional rights can protect you in the face of criminal charges.

While a classic defense strategy (innocence, self-defense, etc.) may not help your situation, you have other options to explore. For example, calling out police or procedural errors could lead to a favorable outcome, especially with legal guidance.


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