What Texas students need to know about the “campus carry” law

Texas is known for having very few restrictions regarding who can possess and carry a firearm – certainly fewer than many states have. However, if you have a child who’s planning to or already attending a college or university in Texas, it’s important to understand the law if they want to have a handgun. 

Texas “campus carry” law requires public as well as community colleges and universities to allow students, faculty and others who can legally do so to carry a concealed handgun (as long as it’s holstered and not readily visible) on most parts of campus, with the exception of university hospitals and sports events. 

These schools can prohibit guns in other areas, like professors’ offices, libraries and dorm rooms as long as these areas are marked. Note that open carry is not allowed.

Just this year, a federal judge allowed the state to lower its minimum age from 21 to 18 for students to carry concealed handguns. That means there are likely more of them on college campuses than in the past.

Private schools can opt out of the campus carry law 

The campus carry law permits private colleges and universities to prohibit guns on their campuses entirely. Indeed, some of the state’s largest and best-known private universities prohibit firearms and other weapons on campus.

It’s crucial for all students in our colleges and universities, whether they’re Texas natives or call another state home to be knowledgeable about the state laws regarding firearms as well as their school’s individual regulations. A weapons-related criminal charge can have a serious effect on your future. If you’re facing such a charge, it’s wise to get experienced legal guidance as soon as possible.

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